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Lesley Wonfor

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Christmas Decorations, Luxury Bath Products

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Apart from my glycerin soap products, as the Christmas season approaches, I also bring out my Christmas fare that includes all sorts of items to make Christmas more merry.


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And since is it now getting to the height of the Christmas season, you will find my stall filled to capacity with all manner of Christmassy things to add colour and fun to your Christmas festivities.


I enjoy seeking and finding the materials I use for my Christmas craft ideas, and this becomes an ongoing awareness that I carry with me all year and wherever I go.


Then the second stage, which is dreaming up ways of how to use them to produce anything from Christmas crackers to angels for the Christmas tree, is just as much fun.


A good Christmas stocking should be high on the list for anyone hoping for a special Christmas gift, and my generously sized and colourful Christmas stockings will accommodate all you can imagine receiving.


Commercial Christmas crackers are often such a disappointment so I try to match their attractive appearance to the interesting surprises inside - one of those never-ending things I do, watching for suitable items to use in them.


Add a handmade touch to your Christmas, with some crafty Christmas decorations.



I also make an exciting range of luxury glycerin soap and bath products that are perfect Christmas gifts.


The items shown here are but a sample of the full smörgasbord of fragrant and frothy delights that you simple need to view and try. These are the gifts that you buy for others, and then simply cannot resist using them yourself.

and Merry Christmas to you all




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