Pottery, Fabric Painting, Dichroic Pendants

Jenny Book

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Functional Ceramics & Matching Textiles



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Fax:          028 754 1374

Cell:          082 406 0765

Email:       jnbook@telkomsa.net




I started potting in 1980 as an amateur, and then built a studio at my home where I have developed my art into a home industry.


After creating some pieces that were included in many National exhibitions, I started selling my wares at local markets.


I concentrate on functional ceramics which are all safe for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

My mugs come in a range of trendy colours and designs and everything is hand-painted. The dinner services are painted in any requested design and are often collected over time.


I also hand-paint a range of matching textiles to use alongside my range of ceramic wares.


The ceramics and textiles are carefully designed to compliment each other but even on their own, the textiles are proving very popular with our local and foreign tourists as they are easy to pack, are unbreakable and make a great gift or souvenir to take home.


I now also make dichroic glass pendants.


Being part of the Country Craft Market has been great fun. It has a very good reputation for quality hand-crafted goods. This website is an exciting way of promoting and advertising ourselves to our local friends and international visitors and it is a pleasure to be part of it.



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