Hilette Stapelberg

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Phone:     021 461 1390


Cell:          072 158 4054

Email:       puppet5@cybersmart.co.za




My husband Johan and I plus our children Lila and Franz work together producing these small scale people.

We each have our own speciality and it is a true family hobby. 


Lila makes the hands and also helps with the faces. Franz does the sanding of the feet and assembles the bodies. Johan makes the character faces, shapes the faces, and strings the marionettes. My job is to make the pretty faces, and create the makeup design, hair styles and outfits. Finally I also take care of the marketing of our little people.


Although some of the marionettes are made in the likeness of real people, most of the characters simply evolve by themselves. We simply allow them to show us the direction they want us to follow. Our great love is doing commissions, whether it is a likeness, or just a fantasy character.


The marionettes are made from recycled materials and found objects. The bodies are made of found wood, anything from driftwood to old shelving. The heads are fashioned out of paper maché - made from egg boxes and glue. Scraps of beautiful fabrics from all over are used to create the costumes. And from all these bits and pieces that would otherwise only have added to the pollution of our planet, our art works, our little people, are born.

Each marionette is unique. We do not repeat any marionette design and each one is given its own serial number and has its own history.


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