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Peter and Pam Goslett

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Decorative Stationery Items, Miniatures



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Website:  http://southerncrafts.wozaonline.co.za/



My wife and I are no strangers to craft markets. We have been producing hand crafted goods for the past three years after an absence of about 20 years from craft markets. Previously we made and sold jewellery, brass work and candles. We now produce a range of stationery items using wood, metal and colourful glass beads.


As a supplement to our other products, I make miniatures of classic guitars using wood, metal, and plastic, mimicking all the fine details and markings of the originals. They are also neatly strung with very thin gauge steel strings that makes them look decidedly playable. And all this intricacy is packed into a miniature instrument that is only about 210 mm in length.

My passion for miniature guitars originated about two years ago when I saw a miniature guitar for sale in a shop. On closer inspection, I was disappointed to see that it was simply a mass produced plastic model, made using the injection moulding technique.

But this incident stimulated the idea of handcrafting replicas of well-known makes of guitars as a tribute to these instruments I so treasure.




I also make violins to supplement my range of guitars but in addition, I accept commissions to handcraft the personal favourite guitars of clients.


All my completed miniatures are framed professionally in quality box-frames. I am happy to say that many of my miniatures are now proudly displayed in homes across the world, in SA, the UK, the USA, Canada and Europe.


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