Tiny Tops

Carol Syndercombe and Norma van Oortmerssen

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Garments for Little People



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We, Carole and Norma, have been buddies since the age of 5 and we have evolved a special, cooperative craft. Our speciality is providing cute, pretty, beautiful, interesting, entertaining, colourful, inspiring, comfortable, practical, unique, and of course well-made, top quality garments for our special little people up to about 6 years old.





I, Carole, do all the sewing - my favourite hobby.


I, Norma, do all the knitting that is all hand done - my favourite hobby


While we both pursued our hobbies for many years, it was only sometime around in 199? that we decided to join forces and present our wares in craft markets under the name Tiny Tops.





Our products include
Practical department
T shirts with sayings and slogans - our flagship item (Granny and Grandpa favourites)
Cardigans, hand knitted and warming
Beanies for that chic look
Booties for the 10littlepiggies
Fashion wear
Swing-tops for the out-and-about look
Swing-tops and legging sets
Home wares
Towels for hand, guest and kitchen
Most items are decorated with some embroidery - and all are made with love and care


If you want to treat (or show off) your special little person, come visit us at our stall and see our range.

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