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Floral Craft by Berri Els


8 December 2007

On 8 December, Berri Els spent a busy morning with floral material and shears in hand, cutting, tying, wrapping and arranging to produce a variety of interesting floral creatings for all occasions.

Berri at work





Making a wreath

Binding and tying









tying tightly





taking shape









hands closeup


wrapped to go













some arrangements





other forms

and materials




Table arangement

table arrangement


Berri's Story

jenny and berri


The Western Cape is one of the most notable Floral Kingdoms on Earth, endowed with a rich diversity of plants that inspire many crafters in many media. Berri Els and her partner Jenny Poletti (left) are such crafters. However, they choose to work directly in the medium of plant material, and produce a variety of floral products like wreaths, garlands and swags.


At the Country Craft Market of 8 December, Berri and Jenny will be demonstrating the techniques and designs that they use to produce the beautiful floral works that one finds at Berri's Country Habbits stall.








"This is how I am ," she admits, "always tying to improve and discover new things". Because of this, her craftworks have remained fresh and new, and visitors will always encounter a new innovations at each market.


Berri has been a member of the Country Craft market for 12 years. She acknowledges that during this time, she had evolved greatly. "When I look back," she says, "I can almost laugh at my first arrangements, and can see how they have improved from those earlier beginnings."


Berri tells that she is motivated by the thought of creating something from nothing. So she chooses simple floral materials, and through imaginative design and good craft, produces arrangements of beauty that do not depend of expensive or exotic flowers or artificial decorative objects. She believes there is such an abundance of plant materials around us, that one need not seek far to find things that can be used. "And of course, I use only natural materials," she adds, "no plastic fruit or other such things."


In her creations, Berri uses both dried and fresh plant materials. One also find every form of plant material, from grasses to flowers, dried wood to fresh fruit. Her palette is extensive and varied, as are her designs. Berri states that style is more relevant than fashion. Good design and crafty use of the floral material produces timeless arrangements.


Clearly, someone with these skills, will also be in demand to do arrangements for events. Indeed, Berri is often asked to beautify event venues used for anything from weddings to corporate gatherings. She makes sure that each gets a treatment moulded to suit both the occasion and the people concerned.


Berri invites all visitors to the Country Craft Market of 8 December to come and watch her and Jenny at work. They can be found at their friendly stall number 148, amongst their interesting collection of floral creations. Berri has a passion and flair for her craft, and with her respect for natural materials, visitors can look forward to a most interesting and informative visit to her stall.




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