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Jewellery making by Hayley Gibley

of Jazzy Joolz


28 March 2009





It is often said that the strength of a team should be greater than the sum of the strengths of its members. Indeed this should be true, but at least having members in a team who are supportive and expand the breadth of the team's abilities, is in itself a great benefit.


This is the story of Hayley and Manny Gibley. Team member one, Hayley, having begun her crafting almost out of sheer necessity, was initially hesitant, uncertain and unconvinced about her creativity and ability to succeed at such a craft. Team member two, Manny, supportive, working industriously in the background - but equally happy to be bubbling forth in the foreground, is a great complement to Hayley and filled the gap in her confidence and conviction.





Manny with some of his work




This team has worked well and today Hayley is a successful designer and manufacturer of jewellery under the name of Jazzy Joolz. And even though the designs are hers. without doubt, husband Manny adds his own brand of sparkle to Jazzy Joolz.




At the next Country Craft Market of 28 March 2009, Hayley will be demonstrating how she and Manny produce their intriguing range of Jazzy accessories.


pendant detail




After living abroad for 29 years, Hayley and Manny arrived in South Africa about nine years ago and found themselves having to work in tough and restricted jobs. The monetary rewards from this work did not offer them much financial freedom, and left little to spend on "extras". So needing something to brighten up her wardrobe, Hayley visited a bead store with the idea of making herself some jewellery, "a few trinkets" as she described them.







Hayley at work





But these trinkets drew the attention and admiration of her co-workers and others she met, and soon she was being asked to make this to that for one or other person. She was pleased, if surprised, at these requests as she did not consider her trinkets to be worth much. Still she did her best to oblige. And while the responses were good, she still lacked the confidence to recognise this could be a way to earn some extra income.












But their ongoing financial woes eventually drove Manny and Hayley to consider this option of supplementing their income, and in their search of outlets for Hayley's jewellery, they discovered the craft market scene and decided to take the plunge.







Hayley with necklaces



But their first market did nothing to boost Hayley's confidence. Her modest attempt with a tiny table and a handful of items was less than successful. They returned home without having sold one piece. Ordinarily this might have frightened away even most of the brave, but this team persisted and step by step it began to conquer this setback, slowly building the business into an impressive stall with a sparkling and intriguing range of jewellery that exactly expresses the spirit of the name Jazzy Joolz.










Key to the character of Jazzy Joolz are the wide variety of beads, trinkets and other materials used. They define the character and endless variety of Hayley's ever growing Jazzy collection. But while Jazzy speaks of flash and (dare one use the term) bling, Hayley's designs are actually filled with elegance and well thought-out design ideas. Speaking to her about any piece, one will discover many way to use it and have it present a variety of different effects for different occasions.






Manny working




Hayley still gets a thrill from seeing people wearing her creations. “While others buy craft works that are used out of sight, for example in the home, I encounter my work in the streets every day, and know now that I have a contribution to make to the jewellery scene”, says Hayley – with Manny smiling his wry smile in the background.




Hayley will be in attendance at her stall on the Country Craft Market of Saturday 28 March to show you some of her designs and techniques that give Jazzy Joolz that special mixture of dazzle and finesse. Be there to enjoy the demonstration and interaction with this interesting team, and view the astonishing range of Jazzy Joolz.





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