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Painting by Ann Coetzee


10 October 2009





Watching an artist at work remains an enticing experience. Seeing the metamorphosis as deft brush strokes transform a blank canvas and blobs of paint on a palette into a lifelike picture, always has a sense of magic about it.




Visitors to the Country Craft Market on 10 October 2009, will have the special opportunity to share in this magic. Ann Coetzee will be demonstrating the artistic techniques she uses to capture images from nature that come to life via her brushes.








Ann arrived at art as a career via a well trodden route. Like so many others who doubt the career opportunities in art, Ann Coetzee also first followed a more stable career path. For her, this was establishing a successful career in business.



Having studied at both the Universities of Natal and the Witwatersrand, it may have seemed to be a tough decision for her to abandon such a career. But she found that her first love, painting, was beckoning too persuasively for her to ignore its call.









Painting had become her full time occupation by 2007, when her family headed to the Cape so as to be able to better enjoy family life. The move was most beneficial all round as Ann discovered in the magnificent Cape scenery, all the inspiration she needed to make her painting career flourish further.





glass eye





Her work has found homes throughout South Africa and beyond. She has had a number of exhibitions both in Gauteng and the Western Cape and welcomes commissions. Her paintings make excellent mementos for those who have enjoyed the natural wonder of South Africa.










Ann's style is both vibrant and bold. She chooses to use oils to capture the vivid colours and light that are the trademarks of Africa. Her subjects include landscapes, still life, wildlife and bird life.





Birds appear frequently in Ann's pictures and it is clear she has a special attraction to and respect for our feathered friends. She is fascinated with the enormous variety of birds in nature, and the variety of habitats in which they are found.








Therefore, in her approach to painting bird life, she strives not to just capture the beauty and colours of our birds, but also to place them in the unique environment in which they live. Then in addition, as a crowning touch, she manages to depict the behavioural traits of each species, virtually bringing them to life on the canvas.





But whether you be a bird lover, nature enthusiast, or simply an admirer of artistic skill, you will enjoy Ann's demonstration on 10 October 2009. While browsing through the collection of fine craft at the Country Craft Market, be sure to visit her at her stall and see her art in the making. She will also have a variety of painting from her collection for viewing and sale.




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