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Jewellery making

by Shelley Taylor of the Stone Studio


16 October 2010

shelley taylor



At the next Country Craft Market on 16 October, local crafter Shelley Taylor will be demonstrating her special passion, producing jewellery that carries the unique approach of her Stone Studio range.



Working from her studio in Somerset West, Shelley has earned recognition for her work and developed a keen following. She is often brought old jewellery by clients who request her to rework them into fashionable Stone Studio pieces using her techniques.













Shelley is motivated by a long love affair with semi-precious stones. Her fascination with these gifts from nature began in her mid-twenties during a visit to Jaipur in Northern India.






peg boards




Shelley was fortunate enough to view first hand, the processes used by the locals to hew stone from the natural resources for which the region is famous, and hand cut the facets to produce individually unique stone-beads of infinite variety.









varions toys

She decided there and then to make a career out of creating jewellery that was a credit to the natural beauty of these stones. After carefully selecting the stones she thought would fit her dream-designs, she returned to South Africa to begin her quest.






Her initial success selling jewellery pieces to friends soon blossomed into a full-time job and overseas exposure that brought requests from countries as far away as England and even Canada. To maintain her specific style, Shelley tries to visit India up to three times a year to personally select the stones that suit her designs.










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rings and peg






In her hands, favourite stones like labradorite, kyanite, citrine, bronzite and amethyst as well as fresh-water pearls are worked into Stone Studio creations. Shelley uses an approach of meticulously hand wrapping each bead onto sterling silver pins before arranging the variety of colours and textures into bunches that get strung together into the final piece. Some pieces can take days to complete. In contrast, some stones have such unique and natural beauty, they earn the right to be displayed with only a few added bits of silver.






various toys





Visitors to the Country Craft Market of 16 October will be able to see how Shelley makes her contribution to the kaleidoscope of fine handmade craft on display. Be sure to visit her stall and see the processes she uses and her striking collection of the Stone Studio jewellery.











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