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with insincere apologies to all those caught in the lens


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In the environment of a craft market, visitor and crafter are not too seriously divided by a "shop counter". Still, the view that each has of the market is almost certainly different. Want to explore this thought with us? Looking into the stalls and looking out at the passing show? And who is who? Crafter of shopper? We will only show whatever is in plain view, but a little warning - Mind the lens at the Market, ... and the quicksand on these web pages -  views that caught the eye for one reason or another.


colurful collage














Crafter or craft admirer?












colurful trio









Serious(ly) Colourful Trio

But who dyed ...

... the garments?











Beautiful view from the back ...

butterfly back

and from the front?



butterfly face

well, judge for yourself ...

Lens did not complain

For full size picture and contact info, click the picture ...


cool cross









Since 1967 ...

Family Crosst, er, Crest

Cool and colourful visitor













This is a good example of

Looking in


Looking out



hair extensions












New rage in hair extensions















and another unique approach

to extending the hair-line




Rolifivan Kriebelskovich




and only question is ...

... where does the beard start and stop?











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