Notice Board

Please take note of all the following information


  Market dates for 2017 



Important for all crafters

To all permanent members

who should all be on the website (otherwise contact the webmaster)


Remember each crafter has a unique page URL that leads directly to your page

You can see it in the address window of you browser but it looks like this

where xxx is your stall number with leading zeros

stall 98 will be stall098

stall 125 will be stall125

If you have your own website, please consider adding links onto your website to

and your own page URL

Also use these URLs in your advertising and on your business cards


To casual members who have chosen to be on the website

(if you are not included, contact the Committee for more information)


The unique page URL that leads directly to your page is:

where xxx is a sequence number that you can see in the address window of you browser

otherwise request this number from the webmaster


A Joint Responsibility

Getting people to visit a website and the Market itself, is a most important task.

This benefits all of us and leads to more feet walking through the market.

So if we each crafter attract new viewers and visitors, we all benefit from each others efforts.

The modern worlds feed on information and websites are a particularly useful tool in this regard. When each crafter does her or his part to encourage traffic to our website and the Market, we become a powerful attraction to the benefit of all our crafters and also our visitors.




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