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15 December 2012

Step by Step - the making of a hippo carving by Vincent Ojeboh of Vincent Crafts

or ... not a tall story



16 December 2009

Hat Madness strikes the Country Craft Market - Photos

hat day winner on right



Saturday 3 April 2010 - Easter Market


And who brought her Easter Bunny to the market? - click to see



big five in taxi

How to transport the Big Five to market? -meeting the challenge


celebration of colour

A Celebration of Colour


Before Dawn

Before Dawn - A Peek Behind the Scenes


Mama Lumka

The Country Craft Market salutes Mama Lumka


While we were in Winter Recess

Where have all the Crafters gone?

  Find out Here 


Hobby-X - we were there again

The Country Craft  Market Stall at Hobby-X 2007

  View the Hobby-X 2007 Photo Pages 

  View the Hobby-X 2006 Photo Pages 


Approval Day 1 May 2009

Rain made this market difficult some crafters met the challenge

  View the Approval Day 2009 Photo Pages 

flower garden


Approval Day 1 May 2008

With the rainy weather holding off, the day was a great success

  View the Approval Day 2008 Photo Pages 



Approval Day 1 May 2007

The day was blessed with fine weather and many interesting applicants.

  View the Approval Day 2007 Photo Pages 

market scene


This is the day on which those wishing to become part of the Country Craft Market get an opportunity to present their craft in a full market environment open to the public. This affords the potential new crafters a chance to show their craft, their displaying skills, and their interactions with the public as the Approval Day is run exactly as the usual County Craft Market days.

  All about Approval Days 

and the Appointment of New Crafters




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