Woodenrag / Houtenlap

Wolf & Alma Schwabe

Stall 21


Quilts, wall-hangings, cushions



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Phone:     021 852 1598


Cell:          083 724 5000

Email:       wolf@telkomsa.net



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Quilting remains a popular pastime of many artists who choose fabric, needle and thread to paint pictures in collage or impressionist vein, using patches of colour or designs, to create wall-sized images that carry all manner of messages, or are simply decorative and eye-pleasing.


We make quilts using American fabrics. We also make cushions and wall-hangings




I have been in the quilting business for 15 years already. I do much work using my industrial quilting machine.


Of course quilting is in a way a misnomer, as the real work goes into the design and sewing of the patchwork picture which is then layered with quilting material and backings. My big quilting machine takes care of the final past of the job, that is, the task of sewing the layers together in a quilt patterm."







I also run a quilting shop at home from which I sell:

All quilt products

Imported fabrics - about 800 bolts in stock

Books on how to make quilts - Notions








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