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From an early age, I have been interested in Toy making. My initial efforts were given as gifts to friends and family, but whilst I was a student at Natal Technicon, I made and sold soft toys to earn extra money.


I moved to Cape Town and eventually joined forces with old student friends - Julie and Jannie van der Merwe. Julie was involved in Toy Distribution and together we decided to design and make a range of felt educational toys. We joined the country craft market in May 1987.


The range later increased to include fairy outfits, bridal veils, fun pencils, minature spinning tops and wooden climbing clowns.



Julie's hectic family life led to me continuing the venture on my own after May 1997. Now I am at every market day, and what started off as a hobby has become a way of life.


My range of products includes:
BiziBodi Clown
Fish & Duck Crib mobiles
Face mobiles
Fairy Outfits
Bridal Veil
Spin Tops


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