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In 1978, after working as a woodworker in two well-known show factories (Green Cross and Dr Scholl), I decided to start making shoes myself. Therefore I set myself up in my garage, making sandals on a part-time basis. I do not think at that stage I realised where this would take me.


I continued this sideline work until 1996, when I decided to quit my job as a public servant and turn my part-time work into a full-time business.



Over the years, I have learned all aspects of the shoe industry. This includes designing shoes to meet specific uses and of course, changes in fashion trends. Pattern making is another complex task that has to be done carefully to make sure a shoe fits well and is comfortable. Knowing about grading of sizes is an obvious need while knowing and understanding about leather types and grades takes somewhat more experience.


Ultimately a good shoe must be attractive, comfortable and should wear well.





Our product range includes hiking boots, velskoene, and a variety of men's and women's sandals.


These are all top quality handmade products, made from only genuine, full-grain leather. Come see for yourself. You owe yourself a try-on ...






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