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Free-range Chicken Liver Pâté



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We would not boast - unless it is true - that our Cooked Cousins free-range chicken liver pate is truly the most delicious one that can be found this side of the equator! (and probably North of it too!)

But indeed, the proof is in the tasting so to prove it for yourself, we invite you visit the Country Craft Market and stop in for a taster!





This exceptional chicken liver pâté found its way to market in a rather casual way. Over an ice-cold glass (or two) of Sauvignon Blanc, during a leisurely Sunday afternoon lunch, I mentioned to my cousin, Peta, that I would like to start making chicken liver pâté to sell at the Country Craft Market. I needed her approval as I would be using her delicious recipe that I had pinched from her a number of years back. I was looking for a little extra income to take my kids to visit their cousins in Oz and I thought that this would help fill the "Go Australia" piggybank.


As it turned out, Peta's hubbie, Mac, had also thought she should make her pâté to sell, so the whole venture instantly fell into place. The name for our pâté was also Mac's suggestion - as he thinks the two of us are indeed a little 'cooked'.


And so Cooked Cousins was born....
In any event, it was probably destiny that guided Peta to produce the best pâté around but we did resist the obvious name of Peta's pâté.






Peta lives in the Cape Town area, and I am in Somerset West. Together we will ensure that we have a fresh supply of Cooked Cousins free-range chicken liver pâté at each market.


So stop by at the market and stock up with a tub or two. It can be frozen and defrosts very quickly. A fresh baguette to partner it up with = happy faces!


Why not bring us your own bowls and we will fill them for you with our lovely, creamy pâté. And we give you our full permission to tell your guests that you made it yourself!


Obviously, Cooked Cousins free-range chicken liver pâté is homemade, using livers from free-range chickens, cream, butter, onion, garlic, sage, black pepper, chicken stock and a lot of passion!






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