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I have had a life-long love affair with art, the brush, paper, canvas, and colour. My art has grown, matured and transformed in reaction to changes in my personal view of the wide world, and my sense of creative expression.


My favourite medium is oils, through which I record my personal interpretation of seascapes, landscapes, trees, flowers, animals, birds and people, all inherently different, all singular - and all just me.





To each person, artist or viewer, art is something different and serves an individual purpose. The artist must bridge the gap between the vision of the artist and the perception of the viewer. The artwork must pay homage to the subject matter and still touch the heart and mind of the viewer.


Yet art cannot be all things to all people and it this creates an artistic dilemma of maintaining the delicate balance that allows the artist to be true to his or her sense of self and self-expression, and yet still offers the viewers images they favour and that satisfy their emotional expectations.


The artist tries to find that form of expression that permits him or her to convey with integrity, the message that the viewer needs to receive.








It is how I perceive the world around me that has guided how I choose to express my creative desires. My big format paintings allow me to represent the bigness in all nature, irrespective of the subject's real size. The energy and visual impact of natural scenes, seascapes, landscapes, fauna and flora, give me much inspiration and opportunity for self-expression. I try to paint images that breathe and move, and that celebrate nature and life in all its forms.


I look beyond the obvious, and try to portray the moods, understandings, intentions, desires, secrets and glories that are part of each scene in nature, animate or (supposedly) inanimate. I want the viewer to be drawn into the scene and to interact with its messages. This is where the large format especially comes to the fore. It is as if the paintings are looking at the viewer, while the viewer is looking at them.


Consequently, each painting has a story made up of many parts. Much is drawn from the subject, much is added from my interpretation and passion. Together, I hope they tell a story beyond mere words.






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