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I am 28 years old and hail from Zimbabwe. Carving is in my blood as I was born into a family that has been practising the skill of carving for many generations. I admit that I did not take to the craft as a child, but these seeds planted by my elders did eventually grow and a couple of years back I began to take carving seriously.





I chose to produce sculptural artworks from Nature's rubble, bits of driftwood left after trees or branches die get weathered down. I discovered I could find in most bits of driftwood, and image that was trying to escape. But so as to minimise my interference with the driftwood form created by Nature, I try to change as little as possible and just enough to allow the voice of the wood to be freed


Driftwood creations in abstract form demands mastery of a unique art, giving life to dead wood. It has become a passion for me because each bit of wood I use has an emotion or vision it wished to express, and in my work with that piece of wood, I must find and reveal that inner secret. Forcing my own will, story or theme upon the wood leads to disappointed, so a subtle interaction is required between artist and art work.


 I cannot divide my work neatly into categories. Still, it is reasonable to divide them into four broad sections - Birds, Fish, Animals and Human Forms.




I acknowledge that Nature has done much of the work for me and it is only up to me to finish off what Nature has started. I produce artwork by listening to what the driftwood is telling me it want to become.



Because of this, I look for my raw material in nature's recycle bin, recovering bits of driftwood that using both my instinct and imagination, I give new life and form. The results are intriguing works of art that often even surprise me, because while they retain the weathered character of their downward slide into decomposition, they also proudly bear a new or renewed aspect, reflecting the many faces of the spirit of African.



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