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Leather Goods



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I started manufacturing quality hand stitched leather goods about 14 years ago. Our home industry developed from a hobby and apart from being permanent members on some of the best craft markets in the Western Cape , overseas enquiries have steadily increased, especially with regard to our wine-related products on which we have now decided to concentrate





All my learter products are hand-stitched with care and precision, and are made from the upper layer of veg-tanned cow hide. This layer is stronger and more durable than the lower layer "splits" often used for commercial leather goods. It should last a lifetime at least.


An added benefit is that the natural grain and 'life-lines' of the leather are revealed. Therefore, no two items are identical as each has its own personal  characteristics.





My standard product range includes items such as:

Single and multiple Bottle Caddies
Glass Caddies for various kinds of glasses
Combi Caddies that provide storage for bottles and glasses

and more specialised products, for example:

Red Wine Cradles
Waiter's Friend Belt Pouch


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