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Flying Propellers, Wooden Activity Toys



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The toys shown in these pictures are flying propellers that are launched by spinning the attached rod between the hands. The propeller can be made to fly upward or forward by the angle at which it is held while being launched.



With practice, you will be able to send it flying to someone else, or make it come straight back to you.


The idea of my flying propellers actually comes from my father who was selling about 10 each month at a monthly craft market. I though much more could be made of his idea and so took it over from him and made some improvements. Since then, well what more can we say? The idea took off.  I now employ three people to help make them 







The propellers are made from a West African hardwood that is both strong, and amazingly light. This makes it perfect for a durable, flying toy. All paints used are child-friendly craft paints - non-toxic and lead free.


Then there is my easy-to-install disc swing with its interesting dynamics. Take it along on a picnic or wherever there is somewhere to hang it.


And how did I get to be doing this, a rather tall, ex-lawyer? Guess both these things just make me see life from a different perspective ...




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