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These all-purpose "all-in-one" aprons come complete with a handy wiping cloth and two potholders. The "one-size fits all" and sufficiently long straps mean that it will fit even the tall and portly.


The variety of background colours vary from black, lighter black to charcoal, medium brown and on to beige and navy. The pockets are made with a large variety of African wildlife and Ndabele prints, and are lined for durability. Some traditional patterns and stripes are also available.


We also have patterns with themes like cuisine, dogs, and anglers, to suit men's hobbies. The aprons are unisex.





The aprons are handmade using a strong washable fabric. Each apron has two pockets. The smaller top pocket is for matches etc and the large bottom pocket is for the two potholders.



The matching cloth is tied to a button on the one side of the apron. A three legged round black cast iron pot is appliquéd to the other side of the apron, and balances the design.



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